Monday, September 18, 2006

Not quite a humming bird!

On Sunday 10th September, Amy and I were taking a stroll down to a coffee shop from our house in Morpeth when we spotted this:

It was hovering whilst beating its wings so fast they were a blur. We thought it was a humming bird that had maybe escaped from somewhere where it was kept as a pet. I was all ready to tell the local paper when I thought, well, I'd better just check it out on the Internet I suppose...

There I found that it is a Humming bird hawk moth which as you can see from this photo pinched from
looks very much like a bird, where it not for the antennae! It also has a long curly proboscis, but I mistook that for the long tongue of a hummingbird.

I didn't notice the antennae until I looked at the photos later (it was moving around too fast). You can see them in this other photo I took.

More details here.


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